What drives me to be here

What drives me to be here? Family, connect with people, thoughts on food, life, and to learn.

I am not a real chef, only a self-taught cook by myself and the influence of my mother, my grandmother, and my sibling. Not for the wife, though, as both of us are not good cooks.

I know only simple recipes. But each one of us has a talent in the kitchen. Even if we encountered failures through trials and errors (take the risks as its free to cook), we can still achieve the goal we wanted for ourselves.

The ingredients needed in cooking are passion, know your skills, be creative, be organized and plan ahead, be patient, do experiments and repetition, don’t stop cooking and be a master in your kitchen.  These are some of the things that help me to become a better cook and why I chose to use The Amateur Home Chef.

I am still very new to this website so please bear with me. I do hope I will get better as I feel comfortable with my journey.

Year 2016

                                                          Welcome home and join my journey!  🙂                                                                  


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Author: Oeystein

Hi, I'm a pensioner who likes to cook, my page will contain recipes advice and tips. I`m living in Norway, married to a Filipina, so in winter time we stay in Philippines and summertime we stay in Norway.

4 thoughts on “What drives me to be here”

  1. Hi there,
    Well this is going to be a really interesting journey to watch as you share your recipes and your cooking posts to us all. Like you said though, you only learn through trial and error and we better ourselves by atleast giving things a go. All the very best with this site and your journey as The Amateur Home Chef!
    Cheers, Sharon

    1. Hello Sharon

      Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.

      Will try to take all the trial and errors on myself and leave the easy way for you.

      Hopefully we all will have fun and be satisfied with the result.



  2. I’m looking forward to your recipes and more of your posts! I think an amateur chef is what is needed these days. Too many people, including me need fast and easy meals to prepare at home. There is no time for 30 minute meals anymore either! It’s more like 15 minutes! Will you be posting some healthy meals as well?

    1. Hello Linda

      Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.

      My plan is that most off my recipes will be healthy meals. Probably some asian recipes will pop up now and then.



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