How to Fry Bacon in the Oven

Bacon before fryingHello, here is a tip I got from a good friend of mine some time ago about how to fry bacon in the oven.
It has saved me a lot of cleaning after I started to use this method, no cleaning of the frying pan, splashes and spills that you get by using the frying pan.

Preheat the oven to 150°C- 180°C  (302°F – 356°F)
Both the cooking time and the temperature will vary
slightly depending on the oven type, but that you
will find out by experience.

Bacon in the ovenAn additional advantage of using the oven instead of the frying pan is that you also do not have to clean
the frying pan and the splash and spills you get by
using the frying pan.
My experience is that there will not be any spills at all.


About ten to fifteen minutes is the average cooking time. But the higher the temperature, the shorter the cooking time.
Should you fry bacon in cubes, this will take a little longer time.

Bacon on the tray after fryingA disadvantage for those who like bacon fat on pancakes or freshly cooked cod is that there is no bacon fat. Some would say that you can use butter, but for my part, I think it will be a bad substitute.



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Author: Oeystein

Hi, I'm a pensioner who likes to cook, my page will contain recipes advice and tips. I`m living in Norway, married to a Filipina, so in winter time we stay in Philippines and summertime we stay in Norway.

5 thoughts on “How to Fry Bacon in the Oven”

  1. it was really good to fry the bacon in the oven. No splatter nor mess around. And the bacon are crispy and easy to remove from the baking paper after it was finished in the oven.

    1. Hi Brad
      Thank you for visiting Brad. No, no oil, and as I said , my experience no splash and spills.
      Hope you will be positive surprised, let me know your experience.
      Have a nice evening.

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