Cooking with Herbs and Spices


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Thought it might be an idea and start with some information about herbs and spices before we try any amateur home chef recipes. To get the right flavor from the different ingredients it is important to know which herbs and spices you can use.


Herbs and spices – be it fresh or in bottles and containers. Herbs are made for use in food, medicine, flavoring and by aromatic properties. We would say that also forms part of a proper nutrition. We do not want additives, preservatives, and sodium so we preferred to use the herbs and spices.



I do not have so much experience in cooking and ignorant with the herbs and spices but they became my life in the kitchen after I started using them.  They are also my substitutes with some of the ingredients. Essentially, they are great in my kitchen. I am only using one kind of brand but if they do not have the stock, of course, I need to use another brand which is also good.


Herbs and spices have no artificial flavors and also offer health benefits. It’s giving more flavor to the food or dishes and the aroma which is making it special. Be it meat, poultry, seafood and even in bread, cookies and in baking. It also reduces the fats, sugar, and salt without sacrificing the taste of the food which is good for us since I and my wife are not fond of sweets, salts, and fats.



When using them, there is no restriction in spicing up the food and to attain the flavor, is to suit your own taste. Try experimenting them. There’s no harm in trying and combining some of them but read where it should be used for. Herbs and spices are good, healthy and nutritious. Herbs and species became a cooking experience to me.






                          Here is the list of the most famous herbs and spices

English Names            Latin Names                                                Uses

Allspice                      Pimenta Dioica                Used in sausage, pickles,                                                                                   barbecue sauce, cakes, dessert

Anise                         Pimpinella Anisum           Flavor cookies, cakes, bread

Basil                         Ocimum basilicum            Used as garnish on pasta &                                                                                chicken dishes, soups, salad

Bay Laurel                Laurus Nobilis                  Used in stew & soup

Black Pepper           Piper Nigrum                    Widely used to flavor and                                                                                  season the dishes

Caraway                  Carum Carvi                      Used in salad, soups, stew,                                                                                and baking

Cardamom              Elettaria Cardamomum     Used for baking, main dishes,                                                                           cakes, cookies;                                                                                                    substitute for vanilla

Cayenne Pepper    Capsicum Annuum            Can be sprinkled in anything                                                                            most common in sauces

Chervil                    Anthriscus Cerefolium        Used in soups, salad, sauces

Chives                    Allium Schoenoprasum       Flavor salad, soup, and stew

Cinnamon              Cinnamomum                      Used spice for pastry,                                                                                       dessert, cake, stew;

                              Verum                                  as toppings of different porridge

Cloves                   Syzgium aromaticum             For seasoning, flavor pickles                                                                            & minced meat

Coriander              Coriandrum Sativum            Used in baking, sauce,                                                                                       sausage, curry, soup, salad, curry

Cumin                   Cuminum Cyminum             Spice for curry, soup, sauce

Dill                        Anathema graveolens          Used for fish, seafood, soup,                                                                             white sauce; used as garnish


Fennel                  Foeniculum Vulgare             Good with white fish, pork;                                                                               used as garnish;

used in a sauce, soup, pasta dish, and salad

Ginger                  Zingiber Officinale                Used mostly in chicken and fish

Lemongrass         Cymbopogon Citratus          Flavor fish, curry, sauce, soup

Marjoram             Origanum Majorana             Used in soup, beef, chicken & tomato dishes

Mint                     Mentha Sp.                           Used in lamb, pork & veal dishes

Nutmeg               Myristica Fragrans                Used in meat dishes, pudding, sauce, baking

Oregano             Origanum Vulgare                 Used for pizza & pizza sauce

Paprika               Papsicum Annuum                Used in marinade, seasoning and salad

Parsley               Petroselinum Crispum           Used for salad, sauce and as garnish

Rosemary          Rosmarinus Officinalis           Gives pleasant flavor to fish, lamb, chicken dishes;

used as garnish & in salads

Saffron                Crocus Sativus                     Used in rice dishes & baking, gives flavor and color to dishes

Sage                  Salvia Officinalis                    Great for red meat, good for fatty dishes, used for stuffing

Tarragon            Artemisia Dracunculus          Used in chicken and fish and different dishes

Thyme               Thymus Vulgaris                   Used in soup, chicken & meat dishes

Turmeric            Curcuma Longa                    Goes well with chicken, fish, vegetable;

gives color to curry powder & paste

White Pepper     Piper Album                         Add extra flavor to soup; marinade chicken, meat, eggs, white sauce