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 Welcome to The Amateur Home Chef!                                                                                                                         

I’m Oystein, 68 years young and retired Merchant Navy Chief Engineer. I have always been interested in cooking, and now I like to share some of my experiences with you.

I am starting my journey in the kitchen. Challenging myself, following recipes, trying new techniques, inventing new recipes and impressing our family, relatives and friends.





I am a self-taught cook but not good, but I have the passion for cooking. Everybody starts as an amateur home chef. As we gain more experience, more techniques, more ideas and some determination, we could all be real chefs in the heart of our family. Therefore, any person who cooks at home could be called a home chef.

Everything we need and want to learn about to be a good cook and be a boss in our own kitchen can be done with the help of the technology. But of course, we still apply what we learned from our mothers and grandmothers and with ourselves by trials and errors. 🙂 

6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. One very inspirational and interesting thing about you is that you are self-taught at cooking. That is amazing and I am always fascinated with how people can do that. Especially people who learn how to play the guitar themselves. Its awesome to know you are pursuing your passion. I will be sure to look our for your recipes

    1. Hello Josh, thank you very much for your comment. 

      For me it don`t feels so difficult, but to take it out to the net feels more difficult. You have to be careful not to plagiarize any of the thousands online, that’s the hardest side.
      You mention how to learn to play the guitar, that`s for me very difficult. Remember I tried that in my younger days, hehe, did not work out at all. I was not meant to be a new Chet Atkins. 🙂

      I hope you will try some of them, and let me know what you think.

      Wish you all the best and a nice day.


  2. Oyz, I expect with your history cooking will be a pretty well set out process for you. Your experience would have entailed a lot of preparation so the actual work would be pretty straight forward and run smoothly.

    I am not a novice and have been cooking for years. The main thing I have learned is based on the KISS principal. (Keep it Simple Stupid). Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. Any simple dish can be dolled up with sauces, side dishes and the like.

    And any complicated dish can also be made easy. Just prepare properly! I do some Indian dishes that have quite a complex of spices. The secret is to read the recipe properly, get all the spices onto the counter, put them in order of adding and combine those that go in at the same time.

    Prepare the non spice ingredients and also place them in order in a line on the counter.

    Once you start it should only be a matter of ‘walking’ the counter ingredient line and adding items to the pot. (Just make sure the rice is on its way at the same time!)

    And always be ready to learn more.

    You have a nice, simple introduction to yourself here and people will be happy to engage with you.


    1. Hi Helen

      Thank you for your comment, nice to hear from you. I like your KISS principal, I like to be a little stupid and take chances with my dishes, some time I fail and some times it surprise me 🙂
      With a good help of my wife which is a fantastic taster it normally becomes good.

      Agree with you regards to the preparation, its important to arrange all the ingredients before starting.
      It`s so easy to forget a herb/spice whatever and the taste is spoiled. ( My own experience :):)

      Wish you all the best, will follow you 🙂


  3. I must admit that cooking is not my favourite pastime. I do tend to get into a bit of a tizzy, especially if I’m cooking for visitors whether family or friends.
    I love watching ‘Masterchef’ which is a program in the UK. When the contestants go into a professional kitchen and have to cook this amazing food for high paying customers, it makes me cringe. I couldn’t do it, that’s for sure.
    I will look out for your tips and advice on how to be a better cook. I just wish I enjoyed it more and could relax about it. Eggs are my real fear. I am always so worried about breaking a fried or poached egg. How silly is that!

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment, I appreciated that.

      Seems like you have the same fear as my wife. But she is getting better. 🙂

      Just enjoy cooking and be confident.

      I hope you will drop by later. There are still some things to do with my site.

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