The Amateur Home Chef

When I first started home cooking, my concern mostly is how to make it tasty without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. But I found out that amateur home cooking needs a lot of effort and I have to put my heart into what I am cooking if I want it to taste good. At first, I content myself with salt and pepper as seasoning with some garlic and onions.

But as I started to become a bit more passionate in my cooking, I learned that my amateur home cooking with herbs and spices for the different dishes gives them more taste. More taste in our food makes eating more enjoyable for the whole family. And home cooking with the wife is the most I love to do as The Amateur Home Chef.

In addition to flavor, many will say that cooking with herbs and spices for the health is another benefit we could get. Let us take for example rosemary. This herb is used in flavoring meats, sauces, vegetables and is also rich in iron, calcium and Vitamin B6.



Another well-known herb is bay leaves. This is used in making “adobo” in the Philippines, giving the dish its distinct taste. Some of its health benefits are detoxifying the body and slow down the ageing process.






With all these benefits of herbs and spices, especially the flavor it imparts to my dishes, my kitchen counter is lined with different dried herbs and spices This is to make sure that I have what I needed when I am cooking. I become dependent in my herbs and spices that salt and pepper are not enough when I am cooking.